Saint Jimmy’s Commercial Plan

We are proud to offer all offices an easy and cost-effective alternative to meet your coffee consumption needs: introducing Saint Jimmy’s Coffee’s 20/20/20 and 10/10 programme.

  • No upfront fees
  • No deposit
  • No installation cost

20  / 20  / 20

20 Flavours

20 Beverages / Day

20 Dollars / Day

10 / 10

10 Beverages / Day

10 Dollars / Day

20 Flavours to Choose From

Limited Time Offer!

Our Coffee Station

St. Jimmy’s Coffee Station makes an amazing addition to your office lunchroom, cafeteria, or showroom. You will automatically receive our seasonal flavours such as Pumpkin Spice and our Special Holiday Flavours during the holiday season without additional charges.


You no longer need to worry about employees taking time to leave work, grabbing a cup of coffee across the street. In less than a minute, anyone in the office can go and grab a fresh, delicious cup of Saint Jimmy’s Coffee for a quick pick-me-up. To sum up, it’s a time-saver, cost-saver, and overall life-saver. (Your employees will also thank you for it.)