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Saint Jimmy’s Coffee has a 5 Star Rating on Google. Read our real customer reviews to learn how Saint Jimmy’s Coffee is impressing customers everywhere!
Katelynd Litt - 5 Stars

Attended the grand opening today. Amazing service and free coffee! So many different flavours and able to have hot fresh coffee every time.

Saint Jimmy's Coffee Customer Google Reviews
Saint Jimmy's Coffee Customer Google Reviews
5 Stars - Ral Gash

Huge variety of flavours to choose from. Come and try today! You have to try the smooth creamy flavour of Irish Cream.

Adam Bach - 5 Stars

Great coffee. Wasn't expecting it but it was really delicious. Can't wait to have my next cup of St.Jimmy's coffee

Saint Jimmy's Coffee Customer Google Reviews
Saint Jimmy's Coffee Customer Google Reviews
5 Stars - Preferably Katana

I liked the hot coco is great one of the best tastes I’ve ever tasted it was just fantastic 10/10 cannot be beat, I will recommend this to everyone

Ava R - 5 Stars

Tried the peppermint tea and absolutely fell in love. Also saw many different variations of coffee flavours that will satisfy your coffee cravings.

Saint Jimmy's Coffee Customer Google Reviews
Saint Jimmy's Coffee Customer Google Reviews
5 Stars - Vanessa Faber

Great coffee variety and super friendly staff. Flora made my day! 100% recommend to try this coffee, it was delicious.

Saint Jimmy's Coffee Customer Google Reviews

Our Satisfied Partners

I am writing to you to tell you of the wonderful experience that I had and continue to have with your staff and your product. Firstly, let me say I am pleasantly surprised by the number of customers that we have received and continue to see daily enjoying your vast selection of coffees and teas. The staff that you sent us to do the Grand Opening did an amazing job. I am thrilled with the revenue that your product has created for our store. I look so very forward to working with you over the years ahead. Feel free to use this letter to show any convenience store owner as I wish that I had this unit in my store sooner. Keep up the good work, and please sincerely thank your staff on my behalf. If you are ever in the area and need a great a cup of coffee.... feel free to stop by!

Tom Logan , Owner Tommy's Downtown

Since the installation of the Saint Jimmy's Coffee unit, we have experienced a surge in our business. The unit is a sleek and professional looking set up and it has a vast array of beverages. I've gotten lots of positive feedback from a variety of customers. The children just love the hot chocolate. The Saint Jimmy's Grand Opening brought a lot of foot traffic to our location, of which we continue to profit from on an ongoing basis. Sales have noticeably increased with most products, as well as the new coffee sales have increased our bottom line. If you are looking to boost your bottom line, I highly recommend the service.

Salam Al-Shikarchy , Esso Owner

In all the years I have been in business, I’ve never really felt an overwhelming urge to write a letter of thank you. However, I am happily doing so in this case. I have to say your team exceeded all expectations. As product launches go, I’d really have to top my hat to you guys. The amount of people showing up for the Grand Opening took both myself and my staff by surprise. Thank you. Ironically, we had coffee for sale in our store before from one of your competitors, and you folks have quadrupled our coffee sales in just a few weeks. Our customers really enjoy your coffee. I so look forward to working with you in the years ahead. The truck came a few days ago and put up the sign. It looks great.

Raed Sara , Petro Canada Owner
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